Real Estate


SABIDO & COMPANY LLP is a law firm with expertise in the real estate business. We understand the ins and outs of Real estate transactions in Belize. We can guide you in your land purchase transactions, and can assist you every step of the way from identifying suitable lands for the purpose you require such as assessing the suitability of the land in terms of the availability of public utilities, such as water, telephone, electricity, access roads etc.


Our firm can guide you in evaluating the suitability of land for crops or for other agricultural uses or for tourism development or sub-division. We also guide you as to how to evaluate the market value of land given local market conditions and other environmental factors. We have access to qualified surveyors who can assist you to establish and demarcate boundaries and to properly indentify your land on the field. We also assist in making application to the relevant Land Registry for the conversion of out dated land titles to the new land certificate system which is now used in Belize in declared areas under the Registered Land Act Chapter 197.


We provide the full complement of services to ensure that when you invest in lands in Belize you are protected all along the way and that you get good marketable title (indefeasible fee simple absolute). When necessary we act as Escrow Agent for the land purchaser is to ensure that the vendor will comply with all contractual requirements before full payment is handed over to him. SABIDO & COMPANY LLP, will occasionally refer you to properties on sale which are in our inventory from time to time.


SABIDO & COMPANY LLP, can also advise clients on mailers related to sub-division of Land in Belize and help clients to comply with the requirements set down by Land Utilization Authority (LUA). The following parcels of Land may be of interest to you.


  • 10 acres at Mile 31 Western Highway. [Formerly known as JB'S Bar and Restaurant]