Trade Mark Registration


Trademarks are registered in the jurisdiction of Belize in accordance with the Trade Mark Act, Chapter 257, Revised Edition 2000.  The Law considers a Trademark to be a form of Intellectual property and defines trademark as a sign, which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of another undertaking.


 A Trade Mark is typically a name, word, logo, symbol, design, image or combination of those elements and they are registered to protect the Trademark owner in the market place.  Through registration of Trademark with the BELIPO (Intellectual Property Registry) the Trademark will establish rights in the jurisdiction of Belize and the owner of the Trademark is able to enforce their rights through trademark infringement proceedings.  A registered trademark guarantees a number of exclusive rights upon the Trademark owner, including the right of exclusive use of the Trademark in relation to the product or services for which the Trade Mark is registered.


Trademark rights are limited to the jurisdiction where the Trademark is registered, however priority is given to a person/corporation who has duly filed an application for protection of a Trademark in a country which is party to the Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Properties, if the application for registrations is made not later than 6 months after the filling of the first application in the previous jurisdiction.  For this reason it is recommended that Marks be registered in all jurisdictions where you want the right to be protected.  Trademarks are registered for a period of 10 years in any jurisdiction from the date of registration and renewals of a trademark are done after every 10 years.


As a requirement for registering a trademark in Belize through our firm we must be provided with the below information:

  • Trademark (we need four specimens of the Trademark)
  • Name of Mark Owner (if the owner of the Trademark is a corporation we need the Certificate of Good standing of the corporation issued by the country where it is incorporated)
  • Address of Trademark Owner
  • Nationality of Trademark Owner
  • Trademark Classes ( Review the Nice Classification List)  Note separate fee is charge for each Class)


Documents to be submitted at the time of filing a Trade Mark application:


  • Form 1: Application For An Address For Service
  • Form 2: Form Of Authorisation Of Agent
  • Form 3: Application For Registration Of A Trademark
  • Form 9: Fee For Registration Of A Trade Mark


For any of the forms listed above, Please contact us for further information.