Vessel Registration


Registration Procedures

Registration process of ships and yachts in Belize aims to attract international clients and facilitates clients are abroad who want to register a Ship or Yacht in Belize but may have a delay in providing documents in a timely manner to the Ship agent and/or Shipping Registry.  The Registration of Merchant Ships Act 1989 as am ended by Act No. 5 of 1996 allows for Provisional Registration of ship or yacht under the Belize Flag for six months when only copy documents are filed together with the prescribed fees.  Within the six months owners are expected to gather a ll the necessary documents and apply for permanent registration.


Provisional Registration requirement:

  • Request for confirmation of availability of vessel's name
  • Application for Registration of Ships
  • Copy of Proof of Ownership in the form of a Bill of Sale, Auction Document or Builder's Certificate
  • Copy of Power of Attorney appointing a shipping agent in Belize
  • Copy of Valid Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate in compliance with GMDSS Code (where applicable)
  • Copy of International Tonnage Certificate (where applicable)
  • Copy of Proof of compliance with ISM Code-Copy of Document of Compliance and Safety Management Certificate (where applicable)
  • Copy of Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
  • Copy of Letter of confirmation from an authorized radio accounting entity undertaking the payment of vessel's radio accounts
  • Copy Applications for the Endorsements of Licenses for all officers
  • Copy of confirmation letter from Classification Society that they will issue certificates while vessel under Belize Flag (if applicable)


Vessels under construction may be granted provisional registration under special conditions and a Provisional Patent of Navigation and a Provisional Ship Station License may be obtained from The Belize Shipping Registry or from one of the Registry's Designated Offices worldwide. During Provisional Registration period the ship or yacht owner(s) can apply for Permanent Registration upon submission of the necessary documentation together with the applicable fees.


Permanent Registration requirement:


  • Original or certified true copy of a duly notarized Bill of Sale, Judicial Sale Instrument or Builder Certificate.
  • Original Deletion Certificate from previous registry. (where applicable)
  • Original or certified true copy of the Power of Attorney appointing a shipping agent in Belize.
  • Copies of all valid statutory certificates issued by a Recognized Organization on behalf of the Government of Belize, including the ITC, DOC, SMC, ILLC, CSSRC, etc.,
  • Application form for Maritime Ship Station License duly completed.
  • International Tonnage Certificate issued by a Recognized Organization on behalf of the Government of Belize (where applicable)
  • Copies of Document of Compliance and Safety Management Certificate issued by a recognized organization on behalf of the Government of Belize (where applicable)
  • Confirmation letter from Classification society that they will issue certificates while ship or yacht is under Belize Flag (if applicable)


If the Ship is registered under a company certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Certified copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association, Notarized copy of appointment of First Director and Shareholders Register are needed.  All documents submitted for Permanent Registration and Provisional Registration must be in the English language or, if they are in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by an official translation thereof.


Special Registrations

The Belize Shipping Registry also provides for the registration of ships or yachts for a short period under special circumstances such as one delivery voyage for scrap. Procedures for special registration allow for documents to be issued with a validity of three months and automatic expiration when this period elapses. This special status does not entitle the vessel to a Deletion Certificate.


Parallel/Dual Registration



Foreign Registered Ships or yachts may obtain parallel or dual registration at Belize Shipping Registry as a Second Registry under the terms of a bareboat charter party, provided that the First Registry grants its consent in writing.  Ship-owners only need to submit an authenticated copy of the bareboat charter party, the consent from the First Registry and the corresponding fees, and then the Belize Shipping Registry will issue a navigation and ship station license valid for up to two years.



A ship or yacht that is registered at the Belize Shipping Registry may obtain a parallel registration in another country's registry based on a bareboat 

charter party. Ship-owners need to submit a formal application to the Belize Shipping Registry giving full details of the bareboat charter party. If satisfied that all formalities have been complied with, The Belize Shipping Registry may authorize the vessel’s parallel/dual registration for a period of up to two years. During the terms of this registration, all relevant annual and other fees will be payable to The Belize Shipping Registry and the ship’s or yacht’s title and any mortgages, liens or encumbrances thereon shall be recorded at The Belize Shipping Registry.


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