Offshore Financial Services


 Following the implementation of the International Business Companies Act of 1990, the Trust Act of 1992, the Offshore Banking Act of 1996, the Mutual Funds Act of 1999, the International Insurance Act of 1999 and the various other offshore legislation, Sabido & Co. LLP formed the subsidiary corporations SABCO Offshore (Financial Services) Limited and SABCO Offshore (Trust Services) Limited as newly licensed financial services ventures which saw growth since their inception in the early 1990’s into well established and recognized financial services branches of our firm.


We provide the following services:

  • International business companies formation
  • Trust formation registration and representation
  • Mutual funds licensing and administration
  • International insurance licensing and representation
  • Wagering and gambling licences
  • Foundation creation, registration and administration
  • Offshore banking licences
  • Ship registration
  • Cell companies and limited partnerships.


SABCO Offshore (Financial Services) Limited and SABCO Offshore (Trust Services) Limited have over the years attracted the attention of overseas clients who have sought professional offshore financial services rendered strictly in accordance with Belize offshore legislation and the subsidiary regulations.


Our financial services sector has developed a keen specialization in Belize Offshore services legislation that satisfies demanding overseas clients who need flexibility in the daily handling, management and disposition of their business transactions. We also strive to utilize Belize Offshore services legislation to help our foreign clients to promote confidentiality and asset protection advantages as well as tax minimization and wealth protection for clients with the least difficulty and complication.