Public Investment Company


A Public Investment Company (PIC) that is registered under the International Business Companies act is allowed to do business in Belize while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of complete exemption from taxes and duties for a period up to thirty years.

The main requirement for a company to be registered as a PIC company is that it must have a very high capitalization and its shares must be traded on one of the major stock exchanges.


Features of an Belize PIC Company



Net Tangible Asset


Company must have a net tangible asset no less than USD$2,500,000.00 (or such higher amount as the Minister may by regulations specify)


Gross Tangible Asset


Company must have gross tangible asset value of not less than USD$25,000,000.00 (or such amount as the Minister may by regulations specify)




Company shares must be listed, quoted or otherwise dealt in an Approve Stock Exchange and its share should be so listed, quoted or otherwise dealt in within 24 months




Company shall be exempted from all forms of taxes and duties whether computed on revenue, profit or income of any kind or by reference to any capital asset gain or appreciation


Time to Formation


30 days


Minimum Shareholder


No less than 500 Bona Fide shareholders


Minimum Director


Minimum of 1 director




Company may own property situated in Belize


Exchange Control


US Dollars


Company Life


Have a Duration of 30 years or less



For further information please fill in the Offshore Company Request Form.